Tuesday 3 May 11 06:32
The JAV is the representative body for young workers and trainees that functions under the auspices of the working council or Betriebsrat. Created according to the BetrVG, the works constitution act, it directs the creation of the JAV in companies and organizations that regularly employs a minimum of 5 employees below the age of 18, or trainees below the age of 25. The functioning of the JAV is similar to that of the Betriebsrat, but in matters only concerning the young employees and trainees, and their interests and rights. The members of the JAV are elected by the young workers. These members have the responsibility of conducting the various proceedings of the body and represent the voices of the young workers in the Betriebsrat meetings. The JAV electoral process allows all eligible employees (employees under 18 years and vocational trainees under 25 years of age) to participate in the elections for the representative body, either as the candidate or the voter. The candidate with the majority is appointed by the Betriebsrat or the Labour Court for a period of 2 years. The members of the JAV play their role in the smooth functioning of the company. They have similar rights as the Betriebsrat members. The JAC representatives are trained in various relevant skills that involve awareness of the rights and duties of the young workers, leadership and negotiation skills, conflict resolution, and management and administrative responsibilities. On one hand JAV members voice the concerns of the young workers and trainees; while on the other hand, they are responsible for enlightening the same young workers about their responsibilities as the employees of the company and the company goals and objectives. The role of the JAV is to safeguard the rights and interests of the young workers and trainees, and also contribute to the smooth functioning of the company and its affairs by creating a harmonious and work-friendly environment. The JAV cultivates a sense of responsibility in the young minds of the trainees and young workers as contributors to the well-being of the company as an employee and that of the nation as a citizen of the state; while preparing them for the fierce competitive nature of the professional world that they are about to step into. The first step has to be the right step, and the JAV plays its role in ensuring the same.